Dark side

Would it be over simplifying to suggest that today, there are two essential schools of thought? On one side we have the die-hard sectarian ideologues obsessed with the idea of globalism, or literally sold on it. The ideologues have convinced themselves that world peace, social and economic stability can only be obtained by doing away with nations altogether, and establishing a multi-ethnic world population under a unique sort of neo-Marxist system of government. This 'peaceful Utopia' will eventually be established thanks to the active participation of the most warmongering, barbarian and regressive cult, fanatically adhering to perhaps the worst 7th century dogma ever concocted by man in his entire history.

On the other side we have the conservatives who believe that world peace, social and economic stability, and above all freedom, can only be maintained by conserving national sovereignty, and by respecting and continuing to defend the divers cultures of the world determined also by national sovereignty. It reposes on the timeless logic that if one cares for, and cultivates one's own garden, (also in the spiritual sense) the world will always be serenely peaceful and beautiful. Or as the Italians say, 'il mondo è bello perché è vario'. Of course it's another Utopian dream, but a far more rational and realisable one.

The enormous difference between the two arguments is such that the party political games of individual nations seem trivial, ridiculously out of touch with what's really at stake, and with what is still stubbornly being pursued.
Obviously this was illustrated very well by the American presidential elections. In spite of the enormous pressure of the establishment, the media, the Arabian investors, the millions spent by multibillionaires like G. Soros, in order that the programmed project be continued by H. Clinton, (who clearly affirmed that this would be the case) the American majority recognised the danger and made the best choice possible under the given circumstances.

Anxiously the whole world looked on, because what was at stake was naturally of considerable international concern.
I refer to this so often that one might conclude it's an obsession, but when the choice between two individuals is so crucial and determining that it even encroaches on family relationships, it's already painfully obvious that something is very wrong.

In spite of Donald Trumps's victory, the European establishment represented by individuals such as Jean-Claude Juncker (earning a modest €306,655 per year as President of the European Commission) and Guy Verhofstadt, (one of the 'progressive' candidates for the EU presidency) seem to be intent on continuing the immigration program and no borders. Verhofstadt clearly indicates this by claiming that the real dangers for Europe are not the migrants, they are people like Putin and Trump...

I came across an article on the Dutch referendum regarding one of the consequences of the Ukrainian affair. It seems particularly ironic that since this virtual grab the Obama administration and the EU has been labelling Russia as the expansionist enemy when the inverse seems to be the case. The EU, with the help of the USA, financed no doubt by Soros, (even his name reminds one of Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor, in The Lord of the Rings) appears to have been the only entity engrossed in expansionist activities.

Going back to a consequence of this, is a EU agreement that 40 million Ukrainians will have visa-free access to European nations. The Dutch have voted against this decision. Dutch ministers also maintain that the majority of European member nations would also categorically reject this latest imposition. No doubt the EU will nevertheless continue to push it through, underlining once more that it couldn't care less about democracy.

Because of this lofty, diktat attitude, and the lucrative business consequences available, certainly regarding uncontrolled immigration, the Eurocrats shouldn't be surprised by the rise in popularity of individuals like Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage who wish to defend their nations' freedom and sovereignty.

The latest terrorist attack in Germany and the shameful, ridiculous way it was reported, suggests that the German police are hobbled. They and the media are clearly under strict orders to play down such attacks in the hope of not fuelling the fiery arguments against Merkel's uncontrolled immigration policy. This implies that the project or the ideology, is considered more important than national and European security, and the lives and interests of Europeans.

To conclude, it is not a period that is conducive to writing spring time sonnets.
I would certainly not be alone in affirming that I have never known such a precarious, malign epoch. Those responsible, the over rich cynics, the bought out puppet politicians, the treacherous, double dealers and fakes, should be held accountable for what they have tried to do, and for what they are still trying to do.

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Icicles and fire

Almost the end of January. White pages, blank mind.
I could string some of my many comments together including those censored by ideological moderators. It might even make a novel poem.
State of mind, sign of the times.
But this month has been loaded, to say the least, and even if a major battle is won, the war certainly isn't over.

However, today one feels slightly more encouraged due to François Fillon who, in spite of an orchestrated effort to politically assassinate him, made a very good speech yesterday. He said what should be said, and what the people need to hear. He has, surprisingly, the makings of a fine, perhaps even great, President for France.
What he says is good, how best to express it, only comes with practice. But timely pauses between well thought out phrases are also golden.

In my modest opinion, if he's elected there will be hope not only for France, but also for Europe. No doubt the EU will back the socialists, who blindly and obediently follow the politically correct cortège proudly marching to Dystopia.
Socialists, especially French ones, don't make waves. Their boat never leaves port. They go nowhere whilst continually discussing vague possibilities regarding how to contend with tedious tides. In actual fact much of their time is consumed in trying to find means of doing away with their political opponents. We saw the same thing in the USA, with fake news, and certain Hollywood celebrities and European know-alls making absolute fools of themselves. Similar to lemmings, they swim against the strong tide of democracy risking professional suicide.

Whatever one thinks about the newly elected US President, anyone who can come through the mainstream media barrage and flak, (including European and Arabian) the establishment, the staunch socialist and liberal defenders of political correctness, the paid off turncoat Republicans, leading bank supporters of the Clintons, the rife voting fraud, generously paid false accusations of alleged improper conduct, millions of dollars invested in Clinton by Soros and the Gulf States, the extravagant, unpresidential promotion of H. Clinton by Obama and his wife, etc., anyone who can victoriously break through all that still smiling, can only be a winner.

A wish to end the first month of the New Year, and conclude this modest effort, is that we can also come up with winners here in Europe to get it back on the right track. François Fillon, for one example, might be a good start.

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So the year ends on a tragicomic note, thanks, above all, to Obama. With nothing more to lose, he has revealed all during the final months of his mandate. His scissionist tactics, his inane globalist support, also indicating where his true loyalties lie, seem to clearly spell out betrayal. But Putin is a far better chess player. To end the year with panache he has check-mated Obama with relative ease.
The Russian President also gained prestige by managing to persuade Erdogan to hold back in Syria. Thus Russia, with Obama conspicuously absent, permitted the Syrian Christians to celebrate Christmas for the first time in five years. Although, to some extent, this may be com, it comes as heartwarming com to end the year.

But the world still has serious problems to contend with. The main problem is between 'we the people' and the institutions that continue to pretend they represent us. If Obama's 'legacy' is doomed to fizzle out like a wet firework, (and the worst for him might yet be still to come) there are other die-hards who are feverishly engrossed in continuing to push their absurd, dangerous and culturally destructive globalist project.

The EU under Juncker, is surreptitiously trying to promote this. Merkel seems to have no objection. Trudeau of Canada with his permanent 'Sound of Music' smile is all for it, and Turnbull of Australia is also shamefully bought out.

Despite the democratic UK vote for Brexit, the globalists are making it as difficult as they can for the UK to leave the Euroclub.
The UN, no doubt also favourable in establishing Dystopia, is showing its true, Arabian colours. The last resolutions against Israel are so uncouth, historically incoherent and totally partisan, that once more they make a mockery of what in principle the United Nations should stand for.

It's painfully obvious that the UN of 1947 has nothing in common with the UN of 2016. One wonders why this institution now devoid of any credibility, chose to victimise Israel. The Hebrew authorities agreed to the UN propositions of 1947, but the Arab League who assumed the right to decide what would be best for the 'Palestinians', categorically refused the UN plan).
Has the UN ever considered the terrible consequences of the Arab League's refusal? It engendered terrorism, thousands of deaths. It engendered the Hezbollah, Hamas. It led to years of conflict and misery, above all for the 'Palestinians' who have inherited the pseudo cause, status quo that most of the original Arab belligerents no longer seem to care very much about. It contributed in ruining the Lebanon which once was a multicultural, democratic jewel of the ME. Lebanon became a constant battle ground, and its multicultural society was, and still is, very negatively effected by the ever growing presence of Palestinian refugees. But the UN prefers to victimise Israel, also a multicultural, democratic jewel. The UN should be the first to appreciate that there is no other people in the world more capable of defending and preserving the Holy Land for posterity than the Israelis. Yet the institution constantly chooses to make the Israeli task more difficult. In whose name?

The UN even allows Saudi Arabia, which has one of the worst international reputations regarding women's rights, to contribute in representing the international defence of women's rights! No one, no institution, could ever possibly show more cynicism, which also reinforces the view that the UN no longer has any real international reason of being.

'We, the people' therefore have a task before us, to contend with the elite ideologues who like to pretend that they know what's best for the world. We look towards leaders like Trump, Putin, Orbán and Netanyahu, intelligent leaders who will need our support. We trust that there will be others. And we hope that the irresponsible initiative of promoting no borders and uncontrolled immigration will cease. This process that can only lead to chaos, must be reversed whilst there's still time.

If certain leaders who are supposed to represent democracies have caused the year to end more negatively than could have been the case, let 2017 be a year of positive change, of improved international relationships, of effective cooperation, and above all, of peace.

Happy New Year 2017!

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Wee message

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle as you go,
Oh what fun it is to write
'Merry Christmas' in the snow-

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle as you wee,
Just a little message,
Specially from me-

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way,
Glad it's almost finished,
After all it's winter's day-

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle as you go,
Oh what fun it is to write
'Merry Christmas' in the snow-

Merry Christmas 
and a pissful New Year 
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December, 2016 


Whatever is theoretical might be plausible, but obviously not factual until proven so through practical application.
A conspiracy theory therefore is an alleged plot that hasn't been proved to be true.
The New World Order, for example, is held as a conspiracy theory.
The term 'new world order' is by no means new. It has been use quite often, also in the course of history, especially following world wars. Today, although it might be used too freely, there are nevertheless facts that could support it.

Two of the official reasons for allowing thousands of migrants into Europe are, to give a boost to industry by way of cheaper labour, and to assure future populations by compensating for an alleged slump in European procreation. The first reason is passable although it suggests politically correct slavery. The second reason is more disturbingly ideologic. It reveals the intention of irresponsibly meddling with nature, society, root identities, diverse European cultures and values.

Immigration has been concerted and orchestrated, in as much as chosen continents (Canada with the USA, Australia and Europe) have opened their borders to an important, quasi uncontrolled influx of migrants. In consideration of the facts that most of the migrants are Muslim males, and not necessarily war-torn Syrian refugees, and that since their arrival there are too many negative reports regarding their behaviour, it's natural to conclude that in a subversive, diktat way, some sort of moronic project is being imposed upon established democracies.

The way Obama has been promoting Islam, demeaning the US founding fathers' root religion, and even the American flag, pushing for no borders internationally, and trying with all means and money (supplied generously by George Soros) to get H. Clinton elected in order to continue his 'legacy', spells it out even more clearly.
Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, has expressed his concern publicly, referring to Soros and the inane project, catagorically refusing to allow additional immigration into Hungary.
Russia also makes open references, and one reads that Soros and the Rothschilds are banned from entering Russia. Some reports claim that Russia has even issued international arrest warrants for them.

But what would even a megalomaniac gain by such an absurd, culturally destructive project? In any case most of the so called 'elite' are too old to benefit from whatever 'power' could eventually, theoretically, but dubiously be within their grasp. Rothschild might want to add the last two or three banks to fulfil his absolutist international bank monopoly, like a child who obsessively wants the missing Pokemon to complete the collection, but Soros..?
Obviously no one could be that brainless and ill-inspired to imagine that the islamisation of the entire world under one totalitarian governing system, with the conform, cultureless, regressive, destructive, dystopian consequences, would positively further the cause of humanity.

However, it is nonetheless apparent that there is a treacherous scheme being perpetrated and imposed on democratic continents with the full complicity of their authorities. This has already caused Brexit, and certainly helped to elect Trump as US President. Needless to say, what is taking place is factual.

As the consequences of such an inanity can only be negative, one concludes that those responsable have negative intentions. Before they ultimately join Lucifer, it seems that they want to leave their mark by kicking the anthills and clouting the hornets' nests of modern civilisation. They want to create chaos, division, war and despair. Isn't this why Soros generously financed BLM, the organisation incredibly praised by Obama for doing such a 'fine job', of what? Of killing the police? In these regards Obama and H. Clinton seem to have shown themselves to be the stooges of Soros.

Another cynical pleasantry is that Soros is supposed to be a philanthropist. If this were so could he not spend some of his billions in trying to get Assad to step down? Could he not try stop the Syrian civil war, instead of shamefully exploiting it? Could he not afford to finance a massive safe zone refugee camp somewhere north of the Euphrates, instead of encouraging Muslims from all over the world to invade democracies? Should he not refrain from trying to persuade us that Russia is our enemy?

Admitting then that the theory of the New World Order/disorder brought about by global Islamisation is so devoid of sense that it would only be plausible as a theme for a Spielberg film; what does seem to be blatant conspiracy in trying to incite riots, chaos, division, racism, anarchy, cultural destruction, murder, maybe even civil war, if not world war, cannot so easily be dismissed.

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When I took these pictures last month, naturally I felt the elation I always feel at such times. Beauty always reassures. Yet I didn't then feel any inclination to try to write something for Viewfinder to accompany a selection.

However, reassurance comes just as naturally as when one sometimes has the good fortune of seeing such splendid sights.

Regardless of self-professed Gods who believe they have divine rights to impose myopic visions and global experiments. Regardless of anyone who casually decrees the deprivation of rights to unborn human life. Regardless of those who kill, torture and rape, claiming they have the approval of God to do so.

Regardless of all this madness; what one has faith in, which naturally englobes the beauty of our surroundings, and above all the miracle of life itself, finally prevails, and always reassures.

For many people this is now far less apparent. Perhaps to them everything seems worse than ever. The results of the American Presidential elections were obviously not as they were programmed to be. There is a feeling of hopeless disorientation. The established system, the inane, elistist projects have been rejected.

Yet didn't they deserve to be? No one can abuse others indefinitely, or impose on the natural order of things with impunity.
The world is still turning beautifully, and there is always a reason for everything.

 Text and images © Mirino. 9th November, 2016